Who: Any age, although the ideas I've included below would work best for preschool and elementary-aged children

What: Have you seen  white hardcover blank books? The possibilities for these books are endless, giving your child as many opportunities for writing (and drawing) as ideas you can imagine.

Here are some ways we have used them in our home:

A Collection of Poetry
When my girls were in elementary school, I introduced them to the fundamentals of poetry. They learned about rhythm and rhyme scheme, stanzas and syllables. I showed them various forms of poetry, structures to help them write their own poems. They collected their poems and put them in a book.

A Gift
My daughters made a book to celebrate Father's Day. It includes a quiz, pictures, personal notes from each of them, and an envelope, empty now, which had money for two Yankees tickets.

A Picture Book
My girls liked to write stories and draw pictures. For the extra special ones they wanted on the bookshelf, they used these blank books.

An I-Can-Do-It Book
Rebekah was four when I gave her a blank book.  She wrote simple autobiographical text that she could then read to help her practice her reading skills.  Each page is illustrated.

A Non-Fiction Book
My oldest daughter researched players from the New York Yankees, the old greats and the current favorites. Each player has his own chapter in the "then" section or the "now" section.

When these books are pulled off the shelf, they never fail to light the girls' faces and get them chattering about the good memories associated with them. They are definitely worth the extra effort it takes to make them.

How have you used blank books...or how do you plan to use them?

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