Oh, the things you can do with The Boy Who Loved Words by Roni Schotter. Here is my list.

  • Turn the title, a fragment, into a complete sentence which summarizes the story.

  • Choose xx of Selig's favorite words. (You decide the number.) Based on the context, guess the meaning and part of speech of each one.  Then use a dictionary to check your guesses.

  • Make a list of the words you love.
            I love the sound of these words in my ears.
            I love the taste of these words on my tongue.
            I love the thought of these words in my brain.
            I love the feel of these words in my heart.

  • Incorporate words from the list into a story, identifying them with italics.

  • Find several favorite sentences to imitate. Follow their structure, not their content. (If you want to practice using a dash in your writing, choose one of Schotter's many examples to imitate.)
           "Pursuing that perfect note, Selig found a young woman seated by a lake, playing a lute."
            Hearing a soprano scream, Billy noticed a petite girl perched on the bleacher, rallying the             fans.

  • Go on a language arts scavenger hunt. Find one or more of each of the following:   
            serial comma, alliteration, assonance, parallel structure, verb, adjective, appositive,                         metaphor, fragment, participle, simile, adverb

  • If you want to take a deeper look at participles, look at the lesson here.

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